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The Thirty Days Of Less

Day 1.
Remove 10 items from your home.


OK, not everything is going to be about less “stuff”.  But DAY ONE is!  Today’s challenge is to remove ten items from your home.

Any 10, and anything goes:


Decorations.  Collectibles.  Kitchenware.

Electronics.  Furniture.  Bedding.

Clothes.  Towels.  Tools.


Whether you donate, sell, or trash, it must be out of your house, and out of your life—by midnight.


Do you have 5 corkscrews?

8 pairs of socks you don’t wear?

13 hoodies when you only wear 4?

26 coffee mugs for a family of 4?


What did you get rid of?


“All of these things I brought into my life without questioning.  But, when I started letting go, I started feeling freer and happier and lighter.  And now...every possession serves a purpose or brings me joy."


- Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists


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