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living small

In 2014 our family embarked on the adventure of building a beautiful home in the small town of Greenbank, Ontario.  We did so with the support of our families - financial, physical, and even temporary lodging.  And we love this home, and this community immensely.

Three years ago, we began to think about "Living Small".  Having lived through health challenges, both physical and mental, since 2014, our values have begun to shift in terms of what happiness really means.  Toss in isolation and the health, political and economic challenges of the year 2020 and living small is on our minds, everyday.


We are just beginning on our small home adventure, without any kind of roadmap or schedule.  We'd love you to follow us along, help us along, and be a part of a growing movement that generates so many positives for us as individuals, a culture and a planet.


"Nothing is more responsible than living in the smallest space you possibly can."

Frank Mascia, Architect

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